Play Dough Easter Eggs & Bunnies

Back in the month of August, we talked about fidget spinners and play dough as quiet time activities for preschoolers (you can read the full post here). I’ve been especially swamped with work the past couple of weeks and now that Easter is upon us, I’ve decided that the best (and easiest) way to celebrate it with our tiny tots is to use the tried-and-tested play dough again!


Easter Bunny With Basket” by GDJ is licensed under CC by 2.0

Here are a couple of fun ideas for Easter:

  • Easter bunnies: Get your preschoolers to get hold of their favorite color of play dough and roll it up into a ball. Stick on some googly eyes (or even old buttons would do), 2 feathers or ice-cream sticks on the head for the ears and a groove for the happily grinning mouth.
  • Easter eggs: If you have egg-shaped cookie cutters, this could be a fun activity for your kids. Show them how to roll out the dough (as you would actual dough), cut it out and then decorate it with whatever trinkets (or even differently colored dough) you can lay your hands on.

These seem to be the easiest of the lot and so we’re going to go ahead with them. Got any more ideas which can be added to the list? Happy Easter!


4 Engaging Easter Picture Story Books for Preschoolers


Easter” by Pezibear is licensed under CC by 2.0

What is Easter? (by Michelle Medlock Adams)

A nice little Easter board book for preschoolers with fun illustrations and rhymes which are good to read/sing along. It talks about everything from jelly beans to Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies to the story of Jesus Christ. A wonderful way to introduce your preschoolers to what Easter is all about.

Ollie’s Easter Eggs (by Olivier Dunrea)

This is a story narrated by means of pictures and revolves around Easter eggs – gathering them, dyeing them in different colors, hiding them and eventually looking for them. It talks about colors of all sorts through fun characters in the tale – Gossie, Gertie, BooBoo and Peedie.

Spot’s First Easter (by Eric Hill)

Like all other ‘Spot’ books, this one is a classic too. An enjoyable lift-the-flap story which reveals the spots where the elusive Easter eggs are hidden.

Little Bunny’s Easter Surprise (by Jeanne Modesitt)

A wonderful tale of family love and surprises on Easter. The watercolor illustrations in soft pastel hues are the icing on the cake.

One a Penny, Two a Penny

Young kids, especially preschoolers, love sounds. And hence, especially in recent years, music has come to become a significant part of child care curriculum across the world.

Come Easter and you think about Easter eggs and baby chicks – a symbol of spring symbolizing new life; cheerful Easter bunnies that hop, skip and wiggle their nose; beautiful white blossoming Easter lilies; hot cross buns traditionally eaten on Good Friday and lots more. The best way to introduce preschoolers to this fascinating world is through fun Easter songs like the ones given below.

The Easter bunny with his egg basket, family gatherings after church, the history behind Easter and its traditions, looming springtime and the accompanying cheerful Easter celebrations – this song talks about all this in a simple way, easy enough for a preschooler to grasp the essence of the Easter festival.

Set to a fun musical tune, The Way the Bunny Hops is an easy to sing along Easter song for your preschooler. It is all about bunnies hopping, wiggling their nose, flopping their ears and shaking their tails. Add to it some actions and this becomes a fun activity for the classroom as well.

Hot cross buns – the slightly spiced, sweet buns made with raisins and currants and marked with a cross on top – have been traditionally eaten on Good Friday, which is the Friday before Easter Sunday.

Any more suggestions? Happy Easter!

For your Easter bunny

Is the Easter bunny at your place all set to bring gifts for the kids this Easter? Ours is and that is why we’ve decided to keep ready a special basket to welcome him this year.

Image 2

What you need:

  • A cardboard juice carton
  • Different colored pipe cleaners/felt
  • Cotton balls (a lot of them)
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Easter grass

What to do:

  • Push the spout of the juice carton flat against the sides and tape it down to form the nose.
  • Using the pair of scissors, cut out ears along the sides of the carton (the side where the flaps are taped down).
  • Bend the ears and make a hole under the nose in order to insert the different colored pipe cleaners. These will be the whiskers of the Easter bunny.
  • Stick on the cotton balls using glue to cover each exposed side of the carton. Put on a puffy tale at the back (the puffier the better!).
  • Next, the whiskers (read: pipe cleaners) need to be inserted in the hole made earlier under the nose.
  • Using pink felt, cut out the inside of the ears of the bunny, black felt shapes for the eyes, pink felt for the nose again and a red felt mouth (kids will enjoy choosing the colors of their choice in this step).
  • Line the basket with green felt… and you’re done!

Just set it out overnight and be ready to be greeted with an inviting Easter goodies filled basket in the morning!