Gru, Dru & The Minions

Critics are of the view that the Despicable Me movies are ideal for kids aged 4 and above. Well, if you ask me, I feel that this series of films resonates with all age groups – after all, I ended up enjoying both parts 1 and 2 as much as my kids!


Minions” by leovalente is licensed under CC by 2.0

Good news – Despicable 3 is scheduled for release this June. The first two flicks were simply wonderful and a complete package of sorts. There was ample shooting (but all for fun since no one got hurt), a supervillain who ended up with a heart of gold and three very cute kids along with lots of laughable moments thanks to the fun-loving minions.

Why do kids love it? Funny, quirky characters, hilarious minions plus ‘the dog’ and parts that would make both you and your little ones laugh out loud. In short, a perfect movie for family night. What with Gru discovering he has a twin brother Dru who lives in a huge mansion, the story looks even more promising than before. Here’s a sneak peek of their exciting, roller-coaster journey.

June, ahoy!