The Festive Season


Thanksgiving” by Archbob is licensed under CC by 2.0

We were just clearing the remains of our Thanksgiving feast from the table once family and friends left and hadn’t even taken down the decorations put up on the walls yet when my little one loudly exclaimed: “Now it’s time for Christmas! Let’s get the Christmas tree out and do it up!

Me and the wife stared at each other in disbelief for a moment. Alright, in a way the little tyke was right; November and December are meant to be holiday season for this precise reason that Thanksgiving and Christmas come one after the other. But then, when you’re literally bursting at the seams with perfectly roasted turkey and sweet potato casserole, corn pudding and pumpkin pie, it does become very difficult to conjure up visions of cold ham and roast chicken, Christmas cake and gingerbread. (Please don’t ask me why I relate any and every festival with food. I have no clue.)

So it was a firm ‘No’ for the disappointed boy. We will do up the Christmas tree in a couple of days from now, but not at the moment. No way. For right now, all I need is a siesta for a few hours after the exquisite food on the occasion.

Festive times at their best!


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