3 Fun Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

What makes Halloween super exciting for kids is undoubtedly their Halloween costumes. Right from dressing up as a pizza delivery guy to a firefighter, an ambulance to a garbage man, the possibilities are endless and hence kids (as well as their parents!) usually end up having a particularly baffling time coming up with the perfect costume.

Here are 3 fun Halloween costume ideas for young kids which are easy to make yourself at home.

Viking costume


Image courtesy: Celebrations

This one can have quite a dramatic effect! My son is a die-hard fan of the Vikings and dragon games based on the How to Train Your Dragon movie series and hence has decided to become a grand Viking this Halloween. Here’s what we plan to do. We have a nice brown furry towel at home which can be used as a poncho of sorts – a slit in the middle for the head – resting on the shoulders, with the bottom part cut into a border with ragged edges. Any light plain color full-sleeved t-shirt would do under that. For the helmet, two strips of cardboard taped together into a ring about one inch larger than the size of his head would be the beginning. For the dome part, similar cardboard strips curved over to the opposite side at right angles – around 3-4 such – should do the trick. We will then cover this entire dome with tin foil and tape cardboard horns colored a dark red to the sides. The helmet is done! A tin foil cardboard shield and sword plus knee-length wellington boots will transform the son into a true-blue, sword-wielding Viking!

Chocolate chip cookie costume


Image courtesy: Etsy

One of the best things in life – chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven! Needless to say, both kids as well as adults will readily vouch for this. So why not dress up your little tyke as a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie this Halloween? Here’s what you need: 4 pieces of cardboard (just big enough to cover the torso of your child), cotton to be used as filling, glue, light brown fabric (for the cookie part) and dark brown fabric (to denote the chocolate chips in the cookie). Start by cutting out four circles from the cardboard, to cover the trunk part of the costume. Now cut out four equal shapes of the light brown fabric and stick it onto the four pieces of cardboard. Next, stuff small bits of cotton filling into the dark fabric to stick on as chocolate chips in a random manner, both for the front and back. Finally, use some of the fabric itself to make two straps for the shoulders and you’re done with your DIY chocolate chip cookie costume!

Bat costume


Image courtesy: Pinterest

This one is especially useful if you’re short on time and need a last-minute Halloween costume that is as good as any other. If your kid has a black leotard, nothing like it; if not, a full-sleeved black t-shirt and black tights will work equally well. Get hold of a black umbrella and carefully remove the entire handle and all the spokes in it. Cut a triangle (the shape between two spokes) up to the center from one side and then cut another one in a similar fashion right opposite to it. Tape the ends after removing all the spines on the outer end and then use some cotton wool for extra padding at the corners. Watch this tutorial to get a better idea of the sequence of steps. Some black paint on the nose and chin would add the final touch to your spooky bat ready to swoop down on unsuspecting victims!

Have a spooky and fun Halloween, with your little ghosts!


Happy 76th Birthday, Tom & Jerry!


Image courtesy: Twitter

Sounds hard to believe, but yes, it has been a whole 76 years since our favorite cartoon character pair – Tom and Jerry – came into being. Created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera on February 10, 1940, this hilarious duo has formed an unforgettable part of most of our childhood memories.

Here are four fun facts about the indomitable pair which most of us may not be aware of.

  • The twosome wasn’t always known as Tom and Jerry. ‘Puss gets the boots’ was the name of the cartoon when it was created initially. Moreover, Tom was called Jasper and Jerry was called Jinx. In 1941, the cartoon was nominated for ‘Academy Award for Best Short Subject: Cartoons of 1941’. Thereafter, it gained popularity as Tom and Jerry.
  • In the 1990s, a prequel series was made in which Tom and Jerry were depicted as much younger versions of themselves.
  • Tom and Jerry were both silent characters’ – is nothing but a myth. Time and again, they uttered various lines in different episodes; an unforgettable example being Tom’s haunting proclamation after being involved in a nuclear explosion: “Don’t you believe it?”
  • The well-known Hanna-Barbera partnership did not give us just Tom and Jerry They need to be given credits for the studio that gave us The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, The Smurfs, Scooby-Doo and many more evergreen names.

Long live Tom and Jerry!