Happy Hot Dog Day


Hot Dog” by Meditations is licensed under CC by 2.0

Okay, so the kids (as well as their mamma and daddy) love food and hence we make it a point to celebrate every so-called ‘Food Day’ which comes up at home. Yesterday happened to be Hot Dog Day. No points for guessing how we celebrated it at home!

Homemade hot dogs are by far the best and the kids (surprisingly enough) vouch for it. We generally try to experiment a bit whenever we make hot dogs at home, a different filling here, a dash of flavor there, and yesterday was no exception. After a pretty serious round table discussion on the same subject, the kids decided that we would have hot dogs with onions, tomatoes and steak sauce to mark the occasion of Hot Dog Day.

While the son got to work splitting the hot dog buns into half, the daughter was entrusted with the responsibility of placing the hot dog in each bun and topping it up with the dressings. I sliced the tomatoes and onions, my better half prepared the steak sauce which turned out to be delectable and we were one happy, ravenous family which sat down to our meal.

Needless to say, the hot dogs tasted exquisite. After all, isn’t happiness always homemade?


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