3 Fun Birthday Party Game Ideas for Preschoolers

Back when I was a kid, I remember we really used to look forward to attending birthday parties of our friends in the neighborhood. Lots of games, good food and a gala atmosphere were the reasons. Same is the case with my kids these days; try as I might they refuse to venture out to play in the evenings thanks to these online games they love playing, but they would anytime be ready to dress up and head out for a party, and come back laden with return gifts, balloons and other goodies!


Birthday Party” by Wokandapix is licensed under CC by 2.0

Here are three fun birthday party game ideas that can be a big hit especially if your child is as young as a preschooler.

Pass the Parcel

The first and most obvious choice for any birthday party, Pass the Parcel is a game we ourselves used to play back when we were kids. Generally ‘the gift’ for the winner of the game is wrapped in lots of layers of wrapping paper, each having a task written on it. Music is played and the parcel is handed from person to person. The child on whom the music stops has to unwrap the topmost layer and perform the activity mentioned on it – such as mimic a clown, sing your favorite song, do a little jig and so on. But for preschoolers, here’s what you can do to make it a win-win situation for each child; make every kid a winner by naming a gift on each layer instead of an activity. The gifts need not be elaborate – a pencil bag, a fancy pen holder, a Pokemon goodie – all these would do. Just make sure the parcel does not stop on the same kid twice, or else he’ll end up claiming more than one gift!

The Food on a String Game

Similar to the doughnut game I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago (read more about it here), just suspend doughnuts or apples or marshmallows or popcorn balls or even cotton candy (though this one will get the kids a bit messy!) on a string. Tie the kids’ hands loosely with a ribbon behind their backs; you could either divide them into two teams or allow them to play individually as well. This one is best played outdoors in the garden and is guaranteed to bring a few laughs.

Musical Chairs

Another one of those tried-and-tested birthday party games that has not lost its sheen even though we’ve been playing it from time immemorial is the classic Musical Chairs. All you’ve got to do to prepare for the game is to select music that has a nice, peppy beat to it, get hold of a number of chairs that are light in weight so that they can be shifted here and there easily (the number of chairs should be one less than the total number of kids playing the game) and think up of a prize for the winner. You could either set up the chairs in a circular formation facing outwards or else if there is ample space – for instance, if you’re playing outdoors – set them up in a straight line with alternate chairs facing in the same direction (this one is more fun as it leads to a mad scramble to sit once the music stops).

 Party on!


Happy Hot Dog Day


Hot Dog” by Meditations is licensed under CC by 2.0

Okay, so the kids (as well as their mamma and daddy) love food and hence we make it a point to celebrate every so-called ‘Food Day’ which comes up at home. Yesterday happened to be Hot Dog Day. No points for guessing how we celebrated it at home!

Homemade hot dogs are by far the best and the kids (surprisingly enough) vouch for it. We generally try to experiment a bit whenever we make hot dogs at home, a different filling here, a dash of flavor there, and yesterday was no exception. After a pretty serious round table discussion on the same subject, the kids decided that we would have hot dogs with onions, tomatoes and steak sauce to mark the occasion of Hot Dog Day.

While the son got to work splitting the hot dog buns into half, the daughter was entrusted with the responsibility of placing the hot dog in each bun and topping it up with the dressings. I sliced the tomatoes and onions, my better half prepared the steak sauce which turned out to be delectable and we were one happy, ravenous family which sat down to our meal.

Needless to say, the hot dogs tasted exquisite. After all, isn’t happiness always homemade?