4 Fun Summer Snacks for Preschoolers

‘Eat, sleep, snack, repeat.’

Come summer and this seems to be the mantra kids follow, with ‘play’ replacing the ‘sleep’ part. Eating and snacking seem to make up a major portion of kids’ holidays, especially when they are at home throughout the day.

Here are 4 fun summer snack ideas for preschoolers which are both easy to come up with and yummy too.


Chocolate Smoothie” by stevepb is licensed under CC by 2.0

Choco cherry smoothie: Get hold of some frozen cherries, cranberry or raspberry juice, yogurt, milk and if possible some chocolate or hazelnut spread. Mix all to make a puree, serve with vanilla ice cream.

Watermelon ice lolly: Blended chunks of fresh watermelon poured into small paper cups and topped with a small pile of chocolate chips need to be popped into the freezer till they are frozen.

Frozen strawberry yogurt: Stir sugar with freshly sliced strawberries in a bowl, let it stand for half an hour, blend in a mixer, add yogurt plus fresh lemon juice and freeze for a perfect cool treat.

Tortilla pizza: Kids can help with this one – allow them to add some salsa and cheese on each tortilla and toast in the oven till they are deliciously crispy golden brown.


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