2 Fun Preschool Activities for Mother’s Day

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Mother” by Prawny is licensed under CC by 2.0

‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers,’ wrote Rudyard Kipling. There could never be a truer statement.

Come Mother’s Day, and kids the world over try to do their bit in order to make the day special for their mums. Why not inculcate this feeling in kids from an early age? Dads and teachers can play an important role here and help preschoolers make their mothers’ Mother’s Day special, by indulging in some handmade crafts with the children and making it a fun kid games activity to be enjoyed together.

Make a beaded necklace for mom

When it comes to preschoolers, there are two things which you just cannot go wrong with – one, getting their hands messy and two, playing around with paints and colors. This beaded pasta necklace activity is a pretty common craft for preschoolers which has a bit of both (messiness and colors) and will make a perfect gift for moms.

The easiest way to go about it is to get hold of these things – uncooked pasta (it could be either penne or macaroni or even both for a more quirky necklace), a ziplock bag, some hand sanitizer, food coloring (the kids’ favorite colors) and a thread to string the pasta ‘beads’ on. The best part about this activity is that preschoolers can do it all on their own. Ask the kids to add the uncooked pasta into the ziplock bag and add some hand sanitizer into it. Zip it up, then shake, shake and shake. Unzip and let them add their favorite food color into it. Zip it up again, then shake, shake and shake. Unzip once more, let the pasta out on a tissue paper and allow it to dry for about 30 minutes. Once dried, all the kids have to do is thread the beads together and voila! They have a beautiful, colorful necklace to present to their mums.

Other alternative and relatively more elaborate methods to make the same can be found here and here.

A handmade greeting card is something she’ll always treasure

In the present era of e-greetings, handmade (or even handwritten) greeting cards are a rarity; and hence, all the more special. Dads need to help their preschoolers with this activity in order to make Mother’s Day all the more exceptional for mums.

There are a variety of templates available online – heart shapes, bird and flower outlines, so on and so forth. These could be printed out or else, an adult could decide and sketch a pattern of their own, the outline of which could be the kids’ stamped fingerprints. To make the card extra special, dads could add a photograph of mom and the kid in the middle of the (say) heart-stamped fingerprint outline of the card.

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Hand” by Efraimstochter is licensed under CC by 2.0

Another interesting idea is to use both handprints and thumbprints on a card. Take a sheet of thick construction paper and fold it into half. Allow your child to paint their full palm with a bright color (say red or pink) and stamp it onto the paper. Now the thumb can be painted green and the said thumbprints stamped in a line onto the paper below the handprint would make the stalk of a flower. An easier method could also be to simply draw the outline of your kids’ hands onto a sheet of paper and let them fill in color using crayons or paint with a ‘Love you mom’ written in squiggly letters underneath. Rest assured, mums will treasure this handmade/handwritten card forever.

Behind every good kid is a great mom. Needless to say, Mother’s Day should be something she fondly remembers as well as looks forward to, year after year 🙂