One a Penny, Two a Penny

Young kids, especially preschoolers, love sounds. And hence, especially in recent years, music has come to become a significant part of child care curriculum across the world.

Come Easter and you think about Easter eggs and baby chicks – a symbol of spring symbolizing new life; cheerful Easter bunnies that hop, skip and wiggle their nose; beautiful white blossoming Easter lilies; hot cross buns traditionally eaten on Good Friday and lots more. The best way to introduce preschoolers to this fascinating world is through fun Easter songs like the ones given below.

The Easter bunny with his egg basket, family gatherings after church, the history behind Easter and its traditions, looming springtime and the accompanying cheerful Easter celebrations – this song talks about all this in a simple way, easy enough for a preschooler to grasp the essence of the Easter festival.

Set to a fun musical tune, The Way the Bunny Hops is an easy to sing along Easter song for your preschooler. It is all about bunnies hopping, wiggling their nose, flopping their ears and shaking their tails. Add to it some actions and this becomes a fun activity for the classroom as well.

Hot cross buns – the slightly spiced, sweet buns made with raisins and currants and marked with a cross on top – have been traditionally eaten on Good Friday, which is the Friday before Easter Sunday.

Any more suggestions? Happy Easter!


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