The Big Gift Box

Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver

Don’t we all adore being gifted by our loved ones? And when it comes to kindergarteners or preschoolers and gifts, they are the most over-excited of the lot! Here’s a fun gifting game to play with the little tykes (especially when there are more than 10 of them involved) that is bound to result in squeals of laughter and lots of merriment.

All you need is a really big cardboard box; as in each of the kids should be able to fit inside it individually. Just before you begin the game, ask the kids to guess what could be inside the well-wrapped up box. They’ll have fun imagining stuff – computers, bicycles, televisions or helicopters! Then you can lift it up and show them that it’s empty.

The game is actually all about letting one child be blindfolded and then choosing one of the others to hide within the box. Once the blindfold is removed, the child in question needs to guess who is missing from the group. The others can even give hints as to who might be within the box. Needless to say, the kids will love the hiding part in this game more than the guessing part!