Preschoolers – Fun with Music

I have yet to come across any preschoolers who dislike music. Whenever they get a chance, be it a song coming on the television, a birthday party or even a simple drum roll, the most natural and spontaneous reaction of young kids is that their eyes light up and they begin to shake a leg (why, really they do!). And hence, since preschoolers seem to adore music so much, here is a simple and fun musical activity they would probably enjoy as well.

Make A Coffee Can Drum: Simply cut the bottom out of an old coffee can you no longer use and cover the can with a paper (you could glue it on) on which your child has drawn something (for instance, I covered mine with a piece of paper on which my daughter had drawn an alien, which to me looked more like modern art). Stick on the actual plastic lids on each side of the coffee can. Now stick the lead end of a pencil into the hole of an empty thread spool to create a drumstick and you’re done. Let your kid bang away on the coffee can drum to glory!

Easy enough, isn’t it?


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