2 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Preschoolers

It’s that time of the year again when Thanksgiving is just around the corner and in most of our homes, the preparations for the festival are already in full swing. People all around the world celebrate it in different ways, but with one common guest that visits every home – the turkey! And though the preschoolers today are a smart lot who are hooked onto all sorts of virtual games along with animated series and cartoons, the Thanksgiving festive season is an ideal time to let them carry out some hands-on activities for a change. Here are two such fun craft and cooking activities which preschoolers will love doing.

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Happy Thanksgiving 2010” by Benn Wolfe is licensed under CC by 2.0

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

What You Need:

  • A large white paper plate
  • Adhesive (glue)
  • Uncooked fusilli or macaroni
  • Sketch pens

What to Do:

  • Allow your preschooler to place his hand on the paper plate, with spaces between the fingers. The size of the plate should thus be a little bit larger than the hand spread out on it.
  • Hand him a sketch pen and ask him to trace around his hand (the hand-print should be drawn on the plate).
  • Once the hand is removed, the child can draw an eye on the outline of the thumb (to signify the beak of the turkey) and add turkey feet with orange-colored sketch pen at the bottom of the hand outline.
  • The uncooked pasta can then be pasted inside the hand outline to make up the feathers of the turkey. If your preschooler enjoys getting his hands dirty with paint, you could even ask him to paint the pasta in different colors so that each finger (the open feathers of the turkey) is of a different color.

This colorful turkey can be hung up in the kids’ room or in the kitchen as a part of the Thanksgiving decorations. Another way is to make these turkeys out of pine cones which you can see here.

Mini Thanksgiving Turkey Burgers

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Mini burgers” by Tim Rodenberg is licensed under CC by 2.0

What You Need:

  • Ground dark meat turkey
  • Pepper (preferably freshly ground)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Ketchup
  • Burger buns
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese slices

What to Do:

  • Once the grill is oiled and heated until it is medium-hot, ask the kids to flavor the ground turkey using ketchup, salt and pepper. Allow them to mix everything together with their hands (preschoolers really enjoy creating a yummy mess!).
  • The ground meat should now be rolled into balls, one ball for each burger. Ask the kids to gently press down the balls (not too hard, otherwise they will all break up) just so that they flatten into around half an inch thick patties.
  • Now the kids can get to work on the lettuce and after washing it, can get down to separating it into leaves.
  • Using a pastry brush, ask the kids to lightly cover the insides of the burger buns with olive oil. It imparts that extra flavor to the buns which makes it delectable.
  • The grilling of the buns should be carried out by the adult. Once they are grilled and transferred onto a clean plate, the kids can add the patties, cheese slices and lettuce etc. to the burgers.

Rest assured, they’ll love boasting to their friends that they actually whipped up burgers on their own, and before you know it, you’ll probably have the neighborhood kids all thronging to your doorstep in search of these mini Thanksgiving turkey burgers!

And in case you want to make actual-sized turkey burgers and not mini ones with a lot more seasoning, here’s another recipe which you can check out.

 Wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Preschoolers – Fun with Music

I have yet to come across any preschoolers who dislike music. Whenever they get a chance, be it a song coming on the television, a birthday party or even a simple drum roll, the most natural and spontaneous reaction of young kids is that their eyes light up and they begin to shake a leg (why, really they do!). And hence, since preschoolers seem to adore music so much, here is a simple and fun musical activity they would probably enjoy as well.

Make A Coffee Can Drum: Simply cut the bottom out of an old coffee can you no longer use and cover the can with a paper (you could glue it on) on which your child has drawn something (for instance, I covered mine with a piece of paper on which my daughter had drawn an alien, which to me looked more like modern art). Stick on the actual plastic lids on each side of the coffee can. Now stick the lead end of a pencil into the hole of an empty thread spool to create a drumstick and you’re done. Let your kid bang away on the coffee can drum to glory!

Easy enough, isn’t it?