Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids

Summers mean ice creams and popsicles and grams and grams of sugar in your sweet beverages. If you followed the Jamie Oliver campaign to have better food in our schools, you would already know about added sugars in our food. If you haven’t yet, here are videos to make you think twice about what is in your food and how it is affecting your health.

I believe that if healthy habits are inculcated at a very young age, you grow up to be more careful about your bodies and your fitness. I came to a breakthrough in my late twenties but it’s never too early for your kids. Start by swapping out some of your unhealthier summer snacks with these healthier alternatives. They are easy to make and delicious. Click on the titles for instructions!

Fruit Animal Snacks

Fruit Animal SnacksFrozen Banana Penguins

Frozen Banana PenguinsApple Cookies

Apple CookiesFresh Fruit Pops

Fresh Fruit PopsFrozen Yoghurt Buttons

Frozen Yoghurt ButtonsWhat I love about these alternatives is that you aren’t completely denying the kids the goodies you and I grew up with, but are balancing out what they eat and introducing fruits and healthier food into their diets. Studies have shown that your sugar cravings are cut down by 90% by just eating some fruit after a meal. Would you try and be experimental with the kind of snacks you give your kids?



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