Picture Book Biographies

I am a big fan of biographies – my dad had a huge collection of them and what started off as me imitating him, turned into a feel good activity for me. I was not so lucky to pass on that habit to my kids though. They prefer fiction and I can’t really blame them. There is inspiration to be had from reading about the lives scientists, historians, artists and writers that can’t be replicated in works of fiction. Thankfully, there are picture book biographies that are beautifully drawn and written that make it the envy of any kid’s bookshelf. Here are my 3 most favorite.

Me, Jane

mejane1A chronicle of the early life of Jane Goodall, my childhood hero and inspiration.

Pablo Neruda: Poet of the People

pabloneruda_poetofthepeople4One of my most favorite poets – while I can’t write poetry (trust me, I’ve tried), his poems still move me tremendously

On a Beam of Light: A story of Albert Einstein

onabeamoflight3Ever since I saw Einstein’s blackboard in Oxford, I became obsessed with this genius scientist. Apart from trying to get my hair to stick up like his, I became fanatical about reading about everything to do with him. This book is a wonderfully illustrated and delightful retelling of Albert Einstein’s life journey.


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