It’s Storytime!


The love of reading was instilled in me as a very, very young child. My mum insisted that gifts to me be given in the book format. I never complained because I love the little pictures that went with little sentences that transported me to a whole new world. My dad would put us to bed at night with a play he directed and acted in. He would play all the characters, he would modulate his voice accordingly and he would always get peals of laughter from us. When I was old enough to know what I wanted as presents, I’d ask for books. I spent my first salary on books. You know where this is going.

I recently found a website called Story Online that is perfect for kids below the age of 10. Story Online has curated children’s books that have been illustrated and narrated by the authors and famous voices in a way in which your kids are sure to love. Go ahead and check them out.

There is something so magical about stories that just transform you in a way no other medium can. When I travel, I count my adventures in terms of how many local legends I learn about. You could say I’m somewhat of a story hoarder. When e-readers and audio books were first introduced, I struggled to get on board but when I did; a whole new world was opened up to me. That is the power of a story – it doesn’t matter what medium you get it through – a bonfire whispering, a theatrical outpouring, your favorite lines spoken by your favorite voice.


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