Super Parents


Parenting is hard work. You will find no one who will fight you on that statement. It is one of those universally accepted facts. There are some parents who use the inspiration given to them by their kids to start something amazing – even if it is only a debate. Did you read the news about the dad who made a Big Hero 6 costume for his little girl when he found out Marvel didn’t make merchandise for girls? Absolutely inspirational! Then there was the mom who, in a bid to bond with her kids, drew masterpieces on lunchbags. I wish I could draw!

I have tried (and failed) to imitate some of the pancake art I’ve seen going around on the internet. Some parents are just naturals at making a career out of it and of inspiring millions and millions of parents like me world-wide. And then there are parents who invent things to make the parenting journey easier, who capture our imaginations and our hearts.

Here are my most favorite parenting success stories –

Mother Invents Harness Allowing Parents to Walk with their Disabled Children

Creative Dad Invents A Tool That Can Fill 100 Water Balloons A Minute

Stay-At-Home Mom Makes Creative Lunches For Her Kids, Becomes Internet Star


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