Preschool Game Ideas that Don’t Cost a Penny!

That the best things in life come free is undeniably true – human minds are sensitized to appreciate freebies and the more freebies they acquire, the happier they get! So we give you reasons enough to up your happiness quotient with these free preschool game ideas that will have both you and the little one on your toes – you don’t have to pay for the ideas which makes them absolutely free and your child and you will bond over these games which will make both of you happy!


The Bingo Game

Bingo makes any adult happy, let alone kids! Indulge in the fun with your preschooler with this version of Bingo.

You will need printable Bingo alphabet cards, printable Bingo caller cards, and plenty of marshmallows. You can choose to replace the marshmallows with healthier options such as cereals.

How to play:

Play it the usual way like you play Bingo, just have the kids place marshmallows on the alphabets that have been called out instead of crossing them out. Remember you intend this to be a fun preschool game, so show your child any alphabet that she may not recognize when you call it out. This will help your child find the matching letter on his bingo card, besides helping her learn the letter. Don’t forget to shout out ‘Bingo!’ when a child gets a full house!

Red Rover, Red Rover

The classic game of “Red Rover, Red Rover” gets an interesting twist to suit preschoolers.

You will need different colored construction papers, scissors, safety pins, and an open space to play this free preschool game.

How to play:

Cut out different shapes from the construction paper examples being three yellow triangles, three red circles, four blue squares, etc. Pin a shape each on the kid’s shirts. Now divide the kids into two teams and draw a line to allot each team its place. Have each time line up by forming a chain. Whichever team starts the game, calls out “Red Rover, Red Rover, Send the yellow triangles over”. The kids with the yellow triangle rush over and try to break into the other team’s chain. If they succeed, they get to choose a player and bring her back to their home team. If not, the “rovers” must join the opposing team until there are no players left. Change the color and shape callout with each new round.

Math Ice Cube Tray

If you’ve got empty ice cube trays at home, put them into good use. If your ice cube tray is not empty, it’s time to melt the ice and get started with this fun preschool game!

You will need an ice tray, a strip of small, blank stickers, and any small objects like M&Ms, woolen pompoms, cereals, etc.

Write one number each on the stickers and paste them on the back of each cavity in the tray. Get another preschooler to play the game with your child. Have the first player toss the small object that they’re playing with into a cavity and have the second player guess the number underneath the cavity. You play the judge! Continue playing as long as the preschoolers don’t get bored.

Engaging preschoolers in activities that let them have fun while teaching them important lessons is a good practice. So make some time from your busy life and get playing one of these free preschool games with the kids.


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