Dream Playrooms for Kids of All Ages

We’ve been thinking of doing some spring cleaning and re-decorating. Usually we just clean stuff up and rearrange furniture so it looks different and more organized. The room gets pretty messy from kids playing around – art work in various stages of falling off from the wall, floorboards being scratched, walls bearing all sorts of crayon art. You know what it’s like to have a bunch of preschoolers with endless energy running around.

This time instead of doing the same things we were thinking of renovating it in a way that makes the classroom be a place that the kids are dying to get to. A little bit of chalkboard paint here, replacing crayons with dry erase markers, that sort of thing. For inspiration, we have scoured our beloved Pinterest. Some of the ideas we found has made us wish we never googled ideas in the first place. I’ve had my fair share of dream playrooms but this took things to a whole new level.

While we won’t be able to recreate some of these fantastic ideas, some of them are too mind-blowing to not share with you guys. Some of these I wish I had in my own house!

A Library Treehouse Trap Door Space Pod Rock-Climbing Wall Rock Climbing Wall and Slide Narnia Passage Lego wall Entire Jungle Gym Cocoon Chairs A pirate ship

What do you guys think? Which one of these is your favorite?


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