Reading Activities that will help Your Child Set a Date with Books Very Soon!

Besides its educational advantages, reading has health benefits too. It de-stresses the mind, improves memory, and makes one more creative with the plethora of ideas found in books. So here are a few reading activities those will your child to develop the habit and soon set a date with books!

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Enroll your child in your local library so that she can find a good book after another to read. Since buying books is an expensive affair, joining a library or borrowing books from the school library may ease the pocket-pinch. But that’s not why she should be borrowing! Borrowing has a deadline that prompts kids to read a book faster and therefore have a keen urgency to finish it. If the library has email or text reminder notification, then use it to remind your child of the deadline. If the library doesn’t have a system to notify the borrower of the deadline, then set it on your mobile so that you can remind your child about the deadline coming near.

Audio book

This reading activity is gradually gaining popularity as children are finding it to be an extremely gratifying engagement. Children have loved to listen to stories and anecdotes since times immemorial. Audio books not only help them to develop a keen sense of listening but build an interest in reading too from an early age. If buying audio books pinches your pocket, then you can opt to read out fairy tales and fables with complementary expressions and tone modulations.

Read everywhere

With Kindle gradually replacing our good, old hard bound story books, it’s becoming increasingly easier to carry more than one book with you at all times. Buy reading devices like Kindle for your child and encourage her to carry it along with her everywhere so that she can sneak in a little reading time whenever she needs it. Here are a few places where she can read at all times.

  • At doctor’s appointments if you show up early, during the waiting period
  • During alone lunch time
  • In a long queue
  • In the bathtub
  • In the elevator

The rule of 50

Give it up after 50 pages if the book doesn’t seem interesting enough! It’s not always a good idea to finish book if you start it only because you are liable to do so. Help your child to grow the habit of giving up on books that they don’t find interesting enough even after reading fifty pages.

Keep a track

To stay motivated, your child will have to feel like she’s making progress. So it’s a good idea to maintain a spreadsheet of the books she’s reading including titles, names of authors, date started and finished reading, your rating of the book, and a small review. Encourage her to use social websites like Goodreads to show her friends what she’s been reading and follow their reading lists too – this acts like positive peer pressure too!

So what are you waiting for? Get your child book and encourage her to start following all the reading activities mentioned above to make a life out of reading!


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