Things to keep in mind while teaching a preschooler

There are some unspoken rules that come with the territory of being a preschool teacher. During your teacher training, you are given advice on how to deal with students but it’s not until you get to the actual teaching that you learn how to use these tricks. While each class is different and each bunch of students presents a different challenge, here are something’s you need to keep in mind while dealing with a preschooler.

  1. Keep it simple – The shorter your instructions, the better it will be retained. Don’t use complicated words; don’t even think of tackling complicated techniques without breaking them down to ‘baby steps’.
  2. Make yourself the most interesting thing in the room. A toddler’s attention is always wavering and goes to one of most interest to them at that time. If you, as a teacher, can’t keep their attention, you’re doomed!
  3. Plan your class in a way in which you have short bursts of activity in between lessons. Children have boundless energy and if not given the right channel of expression, they will get distracted and we all know how distraction spreads. If you have no hands on activity related to your lesson, just do a quick energizer like ‘Simon Says’
  4. Include lots and lots of action songs and stories in your teaching technique. You can’t go wrong there. You will be surprised how easily they remember song lyrics or plot lines and how much they struggle to recall what you think is a simple concept.
  5. Give them chores and responsibilities. Have a day leader and watch how carefully they play that role – be it handing out lunch boxes or distributing crayons.

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