5 Quick Preschool Games and Activities for Winter

Winter is perhaps the only season when we are as happy to spend time indoors as we’re to step out in the snow. That means winter is an ideal combination of indoor and outdoor games for little kids too. Here are a few quick preschool games and activities that will keep the kids engaged during their winter holidays.

Image Source – http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinksherbet/4269396864

Indoor snowman

With just a few packets of corn flour and shaving cream, you can make a fun snowman at home. Besides corn flour and shaving cream, you will also need a small box and a few embellishments like buttons, twine, etc. to decorate the snowman. Empty the packet of corn flour and the can of shaving cream in the box and allow your preschooler to mix them with her hands. Mix them together until they form a crumbly powder that sticks together if you roll it into a ball. Let the child touch-play with the snow to understand its texture. Help them knead the snow into small balls and make a snowman. Decorate with buttons, twine, small bottle caps as hats, etc.

Snow pearls

Discover the precious ocean jewel right at home. Get a packet of clear water beads, white paint, glitter, and peppermint extract. Mix white paint in water and soak the beads in water overnight. Add peppermint extract to the water for a wintry scent once the beads start to grow. Once the beads have fully grown, place them in a freezer overnight. They’ll be ready to play with the next morning!


How about playing a round of ‘Freeze’ when you have your child’s friends over on a play date. In case you don’t know the rules to play this game, choose some of your kids’ favorite tunes and turn up the volume. Ask the kids to dance until you stop the music. When you do, they will have to freeze in whatever position they were dancing in, even if it’s a leg in the air or a hand on their hips. Keep a timer handy to ensure nobody moves for thirty seconds. Whoever does is disqualified.

Simon says

This classic game can be given a wintry touch with ease. Call out winter related tasks such as ‘Simon says touch your gloves’, ‘Simon says stand next to the fireplace’, ‘Simon says stand like a snowman’, etc. The kids will be eagerly waiting Simon’s next command.

Dead penguin

Have all the students stand in a line. Play their favorite music and turn up the volume just link in the preschool game of Freeze. Everybody will have to act like a dead penguin once the music stops. You go around trying to make each of them laugh or giggle. Whoever falls to your tactics gets disqualified. Continue to play the preschool game till you have a winner.

These preschool games and activities will be wonderful to engage the little ones with and channelize their energies.


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