Classroom Christmas Decorations – Let the little elves help!

It’s that wonderful time of year again and the classroom is starting to look more and more magical. I love that unlike at home, I have an adorable bunch of kids helping me deck up the place. They delight in calling themselves Santa’s little elves and I power up on their little Christmas giggles. If you’re looking for easy DIYs to spruce up your classroom, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve listed 3 of the least time consuming crafts you could do with items in your everyday art cupboard. My criterion was that it should be a craft activity that everyone could do and all three tick those boxes. Without future ado, here are great ways to decorate your class this Christmas season. For more detailed instructions, click on the titles.

Handprint Christmas Wreath

I love this activity as it involves the whole class. The little elves have to draw out their hand-print on sheets of green paper. A teacher’s assistant will then help them cut it out and paste it into the shape of the wreath.

Hand print wreath

Paper Plate Christmas Tree –

This is a class favorite because it’s a collective art installation. Every child in class is given a paperplate to decorate as he or she sees fit. Then we stack them up against our classroom wall to have our very own Christmas tree. We’ve added some fairy lights to ours to just brighten up the place.

Paper Plate Christmas Tree

Reindeer Ornament

We had leftover popsicle sticks from an old craft activity we worked on earlier in the year so making this was a cinch. The kids only had to paste the sticks into a triangle and paste some googly eyes on them. I then laced them up and hung them on the side of the wall like streamers. Again, fairy lights took it to the next level.

Reindeer Christmas Ornament

How are you decorating your classroom this season?



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