DIY – Handmade gifts your preschooler can make

Homemade gifts are making a comeback – the personal touch, the time you spend making it makes it that much more special and treasured. The kids being as young as they are often freestyle their drawings and then end up throwing them away. However, with the holidays approaching, I thought it would be a great idea to recruit them into making gifts for close family and friends. They love the idea and any excuse to get their hands dirty (paint, they love to paint), they’re onboard.

I found some really lovely ideas on Pinterest that I might use this holiday season – starting with my own dinosaur apron.

  1. Christmas Tree Apron

handprint-apron-477All you need is a dollar store plain apron, some green, red and yellow fabric paint and you’re set. Oh, you might also need the help of your tiny tots small hands.

  1. Footprint Dinosaur

a4bf4ff5c2ee14ef3e4050da86b57bbcAnother easy craft. You need a tiny pair of feet, markers and googly eyes. You can use this as a painting, art on a plain shirt or even a card.

  1. Wax Block Prints

christmas_blockprintingI used to love this art activity as a kid. To me, it worked almost like magic. All you need is a plain card with which you make your favorite drawing in white wax crayon. Paint over the drawing with any water color. Because of the wax in the crayon, the drawing will end up looking like this. I think we may use this as our annual christmas card design this year.

  1. Children’s Art Calendar

custom-calendar-477Colorful paper and all the art stationary they need will make your child come up with beautiful drawings to decorate calendars. Just attach mini calendars that you can easily find printables of.

  1. Christmas Tree Baubles

diy-snowman-1024This one is definitely going up on our Christmas tree this year. You just need a plain bauble and fabric paint and the kids could help you make their own unique snowmen.

Do you have any handmade present ideas that preschoolers can make with ease? Drop in a comment.


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