Nailed it – A Pinterest Success Story!

My sister is the creative one of the family. Her house is a DIYers paradise. She takes up Pinterest projects and makes them look better than the ones on there while my attempts are more humble failures. She has a playroom for her kids with one chalkboard wall and one whiteboard wall that are filled with the kids’ masterpieces. These children are guaranteed to grow up with their creative potentials at max. It’s difficult not to be so hard on yourself when you compare yourself to a sibling who is good at everything. I mean, I am still trying to teach my kids the alphabet and failing miserably at it.

What an average Pinterest attempt by me would look like!

Not to be deterred (and by a pure stroke of luck), I found a bunch of wooden clothes pins in the garage. One of the little stray pins had an alphabet written on it that led me to a brilliant idea, if I can say so myself. My daughter’s understanding of the English alphabet is limited and so in order for her to get more practice, I put up a rope from wall to wall in my study. From this line, I hung up age appropriate words. Then, I arranged all the clothes pins I rescued found and started writing the letters on them. I must say, I have mad sharpie skills! Her aim was to find the right clothes pin and pin it under the right alphabet on one of those word sheets.

Source -
Source –

Confused? I would be too. So I looked for the idea on Pinterest and sure enough, a more proficient parent blogger than I has already completed the project with style. Here is the instructional – Clothespin Fun

There are always degrees of talent. You are always better than someone or worse than someone. That day, when I saw my daughter putting the right pins near the right letters, I felt like a big Pinterest winner. Next attempt, that melted crayon art. Wish me luck!


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