3 Quick ABC Games for Preschoolers

To promote alphabet recognition and phonic skills in preschoolers, have them play these ABC games that they’ll love!


ABC games
Photo by: Doug Waldron

Salt and rainbow tray with alphabets

Here’s a messy ABC game that even parents will love despite the adjective! Teach the toddlers the letters of the alphabet and develop their hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and more with this cool ABC game.

You will need a large tray, construction paper in rainbow colors (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red), scissors, lots of salt, and a big brush for the activity. Cut out a strip each from the construction papers so that they cover the base of the tray. Place them on the tray, making sure no space is left empty! Glue the papers and let them dry. Coat with a generous layer of salt and give the brush to the kids. Let them ‘write’ alphabets by playing with the brush on the salt and revealing the rainbow colors beneath. You can choose to instruct the kids to write specific alphabets too, to test their retention power. Use this platform to help kids improve their hand-eye coordination and motor skills by allowing them to draw random patterns, transfer salt from one part of the tray to another, rub their palms on the salt, etc.

Clothesline alphabet game

Learning methods that do not use traditional instruments such as pens and paper excite kids to no end. So, here is an ABC game that will help reinforce alphabet recognition skills in kids with a fun approach. Cut out 52 squares of construction papers in two different colors and put up a fairly long clothesline in your living room. Write uppercase A-Z on 26 squares and in lowercase on the remaining 26 squares. Clip the uppercase letters to the clothesline and space them out randomly. Hand over the lowercase squares to the kids and ask them to look for their uppercase counterpart and clip them together. There’s nothing like hands-on activities to teach the little ones new skills and give them some practice, is there?

Letters in the sand

This ABC game will improve kids’ attention spans, visualization, and memory, besides doing the obvious – developing letter and sound recognition skills. Place wooden alphabets in a shallow but large tray and cover them up with colorful sand bought from a stationery store. Have the kids sift through the sand with a paint brush; they must avoid using their hands as that makes the activity fairly easy and less challenging for preschoolers. They have to look for the buried letters but can take them out of the tray only if they manage to sound it out correctly, otherwise the letter goes back under the heap of sand!

If you don’t want the kids to play with sand because of the hazards associated with it – getting into the eye, allergies, etc. – you can use rice instead. Add food coloring and any fruity essence to the rice and dry it in the sun. Bury the letters in the rice and have them treasure-hunt for the letters. Just like the sand activity, the kids will get to keep the letter if they sound it right, otherwise you know what to do!


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