Bonding with preschool kids over games

Playing with your child has its own joys. However more than ten rounds of a jigsaw puzzle and you’re ready to call it quits, even though she’ll be willing to continue the game. In spite of knowing well that your child cannot be a competent partner at an adult game like Scrabble, it doesn’t stop you from wearing out too soon. Here are some preschool games that will have your child and you bonding, playing, and smiling as wide as a Cheshire cat all the way!

Photo by: Amy Levine
Photo by: Amy Levine

Collecting along the way –
On one of the days when you’re out with your child to the local community park or having morning tea in the backyard, gather things that you see on the path – twigs, flowers, shells, pebbles, acorns, interesting patterns, etc. Carry your camera so that you can take pictures if your child collects something that looks extremely unique and interesting. Go back home and store the collectibles in a decorated trinket box , handmade by your child. You can also choose to have different boxes for different types of outings – beaches, parks, roads, car trips, etc. On a lazy rainy day, sit down with your tiny tot and relive your favorite outings as you scour through the treasure trove!

Art with foods –
This is a fun preschool game that will not only help the little ones improve their hand-eye coordination but their eating habits too. Cut up veggies such as potatoes, carrots, celery, tomatoes, eggplants, etc. The two of you can then create funny faces and patterns with them using a safe knife. Use olives for eyes, cheese slices as windows and doors, carrots as mouths, potatoes as ears, and pineapple slices as wheels. Explore the endless possibilities and come up with creative food designs with your kids!

Watching the clouds –
This is an activity that we continue to do as adults! Watching the clouds pass by is such an enriching experience for most of us. Visit a park and lie on your back and watch the clouds float by, disappearing into oblivion. Talk about the different shapes of the clouds and what they resemble – a monster, an ogre, a fairy, Peter Pan, Cinderella, a tree, a house, or just about anything! Go berserk, go silly, and tap your child’s creative side with this preschool game!

Indoor camps –
Pretend play and role play are two essential parts of growing up. Set up an indoor camp with basic amenities – bed rolls, carpets, cushions, foldable chairs, pretend fire, and the all-important camping food, marshmallows!  Make sure the access to the kitchen and the bathroom are not blocked while setting up the camp. Keep up the tent for as long as you want so that your child and you can go and camp anytime of the day!
Don’t limit yourself to only the suggested preschool games. Innovate and improvise learning games for your preschool child so that they can develop their gross and fine motor skills, creative thinking, problem solving, and other essential skills. Have fun with the kids!