4 Preschool Games to Celebrate Easter

Easter celebrations can never be complete without your child’s active participation. For younger kids, this means lots of Easter-themed games involving popular symbols like eggs, chocolate and bunnies. So just invite your child’s friends over and entertain them with these active preschool games for Easter.

Photo Courtesy – USAG Humphreys
Photo Courtesy – USAG Humphreys

1.    Find and guess
You will need:
•    Plastic Easter eggs in different colors
•    Small items that fit inside the eggs (for example, stamps, blocks, candy, etc.)
•    Fill each egg with small items and hide it around the room.
•    Ask the kids to hunt for the eggs.
•    When all the eggs are found, have everyone take turns trying to guess what’s inside. When they finish guessing, show them what’s really inside.
Children love this simple preschool game that teaches them to take turns and gets them thinking.
2.    Guess the eggs
You will need:
•    Glass jar
•    Chocolate eggs in different sizes
•    1 slip of paper per player
•    1 pencil per player
•    Easter basket
•    Hand out a pencil and a slip of paper to each of the players.
•    Place the chocolate eggs in the jar.
•    Ask the players to write their names on the paper and guess the number of eggs in the jar.
•    The player who comes closest to guessing the actual number wins the jar!
This cool preschool game sharpens kids’ counting and critical thinking skills.

3.    Classic Easter Egg Hunt
You will need:
•    Plastic Easter eggs
•    Small eatables (candy, chocolate eggs, etc.)
•    Place the eatables inside the plastic eggs.
•    Weather permitting, hide the plastic eggs in your garden or yard. If it’s too wet or slushy outside, hide them inside a large room.
•    Keep track of the total number of eggs you hide and make sure you have at least 2-3 for each child.
•    Set a time limit and send the kids out to hunt for the eggs.
•    Also set a limit for how many eggs each child can have, so nobody is left out.
•    Once all the eggs have been found, allow the little ones to eat the goodies!

No Easter party can be complete without this thrilling preschool game!

4.    Decorate the Easter Cookie
You will need:
•    Assorted plain cookies in Easter shapes (eggs, bunnies, chickens, etc.)
•    Table
•    Frosting pastes in different colors
•    Sprinkles, candies, hundreds and thousands, colored sugar and other decorating edibles
•    Set up the table a little away from the active games area and place all the cookie decorating materials on it.
•    When the kids are tired of playing, let them sit quietly at the table and decorate the cookies.
•    Allow them to eat or take home their decorated cookies.

Your little preschoolers are sure to love this yummy game!