Free games for kids that offer them a virtual world

Photo by – U.S. Department of Agriculture
Photo by – U.S. Department of Agriculture

Free games for kids are no more restricted to just a few clicks of the mouse and maneuvering the direction arrows on the keyboard – they have gone beyond the beaten realm and now offer kids a virtual world to grow up in! There are many options to choose from – players can play the role of a farm keeper, a magician, a customer at a restaurant, a bouncing pear, a penguin, a pet keeper, and much more. Very often, parents have to make in-game purchases of bonuses and power tools to keep their kids playing in their virtual worlds which are otherwise free, and more often than not these free games are not safe. We bring to you the best free games for kids that offer them the safest of all virtual worlds that there are!

Pocoyo World

Pocoyo means ‘little me’ in Spanish. This free game for kids requires them to customize avatars; cruise around the virtual world; jump, dance, explore; and play games, videos and other activities based on Pocoyo animation. Parents have to fill up a one-time online registration form for their kids to enter the virtual world. Though the registration is free, players are charged $3.90 a month which they’ll need to buy certain costumes, toys, and other special avatar accessories However, there’s plenty to do in Pocoyo World without a paid subscription too. Language, reading, arts, self-direction, and communication are some of the skills that the virtual world offers to kids. For example, the game encourages kids to practice reading as a narrator and slowly dictates sets of instructions for them to follow. Kids are also able to assert some independence as they move their avatar around Pocoyo World.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is not just a free game for kids – it’s the virtual world counterpart to the National Geographic Kids magazine! Kids have to navigate through an imaginary land called Jamaa where plant and animal lives are disappearing and they have to save its environment. The game supplies plenty of information to kids on wildlife conservation, and preservation of the environment and the natural world. Some basic skills that Animal Jam develops in kids include thinking, reasoning and communication. The virtual world offers plenty of fun to children as they enjoy chatting with other players’ avatars, playing games, and shopping for their avatar. However, more support, extension activities, and built-in accessibility features would have made a lot of difference to the learning experience of kids.

Franktown Rocks

Just as the name suggests, Franktown Rocks is a virtual music space. A favorite with kids, parents can breathe easy on this one as they get to pre-screen the music that plays while the child navigates through the virtual world. The free game for kids offers a fine balance between what parents expect and kids want – fun and music for the children and safety and education to appease their parents! The game teaches kids about a variety of topics and skills like critical thinking, reasoning, creativity, self-direction, emotional development, communication, technology, health and fitness, and more. The charming virtual world immediately draws tweens to it with its peppy music. Clear instructions guide them through the various activities as they go on meeting and interacting with other like-minded people in Frank Town in a safe and fun environment!


Top Websites that offer Learning Games for Kids

Not too long ago, pocket calculators were thought to be pretty high tech. Times have changed and today’s kids use their laptops, iPads and smart phones like an extension of their bodies. But your child’s screen time needn’t be spent playing mindless games that only succeed in lowering his grades – the internet is chock full of learning games for kids that promise plenty of fun with a dollop of education thrown in for good measure. Here are some of the best websites to strengthen children’s learning skills in subjects like reading, writing, math, and English, among others.

Learning Games for Kids – The 3 Best Websites

1.    National Geographic Kids

As the name suggests, this educational website for kids has many learning games, most of them revolving around animals, plants and other inhabitants of the natural world. It also features plenty of instructional videos, cool experiments, animal and country profiles, as well as activities and links to other kid-friendly websites. Has your youngster been bitten by the travel bug yet? Nat Geo Kids has a virtual tour of various countries, complete with maps, e-cards and good-to-know facts. Learning is child’s play with National Geographic Kids!

2.    BBC UK

This is the perfect choice for kids looking to show off their little grey cells. There’s a wide range of learning games for kids that cover subjects as varied as math, history, music, Spanish, art and design and geography. The games are fun, well-designed and highly kid-friendly; kids can almost believe that learning is all fun and games!

3.    JumpStart

Learning games for kids should be educational as well as fun – and no one knows it better than JumpStart which has been in the edutainment business since 1991. The virtual gaming world here focuses on adventure-based learning – whether it is completing missions to win story books (StoryLand) or solving the conundrum of Mystic Mountain (AdventureLand), JumpStart has perfected the art of learning without tears. The games here cover important subjects like math, vocabulary, reading, social studies and art. Let your child explore the world of learning at his own pace!


The three websites reviewed above are leaders in the field of online educational resources for young minds. Together, they offer a variety of resources, ranging from interactive learning games for kids to printable worksheets, activities, lesson plans, instructional videos and crafts. Whether your child is a preschooler or a 7th grader, these online resources are sure to be useful!