Toddler Games and Activities to Help Improve Gross Motor Skills

Each corner of a toddler’s life is marked with a milestone that parents wish to celebrate. Infants and toddlers learn new things every day. With the support of parents at home, toddlers can further accelerate their rapid learning process. Listed below are a few toddler games and activities, besides the very effective array of online toddler games, that you can play at home to help your kids develop gross motor skills.

Happy Feet

Have your kid stand on a large piece of white paper and trace around her feet with crayons. You stand next and ask her to do the same to you too. Once you’ve finished tracing, fill in the traced out feet with colors and frame it to make a great addition to your wall. This toddler game will not only help the little one use her hands effectively to trace, but will also improve her hand-eye coordination when she colors.


Bottle the Lids

Gather a few bottles with screw-type lids. Unscrew the lids from the bottles and let your kid screw them back to the bottle mouths. This simpletoddler gamewill not only improve their hand-eye coordination, but also aid the development of their fine motor skills as they control the movement of their fingers to put the lid back on.

Box Train

Put together a few cardboard boxes to make a train and encourage your toddler to move it around the house. Rest assured that the train will be safe because it’s lightweight and made from nature-friendly cardboard. This fun toddler game helps the little ones understand their body strength, also giving them some motor skills practice. To make the game challenging, ask your toddler to push the train from behind, move it sideways, and pull it backwards.

Waterfall Penny

This game for toddlers is designed to be fun and educative as well. Hand over a few pennies to each toddler in the room. Have them put a penny one at a time into a glass of water. Whoever spills water out of the tumbler in their effort to drop the penny is disqualified. The toddler who doesn’t spill any water is declared the winner. This toddler game is an excellent resource to improve hand-eye coordination in a constructive yet fun way.

Push the Balloon

Tie a few balloons from the ceiling and let them hang down from a string to a height that your toddler can reach. Ask them to hit the balloons gently with their palms. Blow the balloons lightly so that your toddler walks a little extra mile chasing it. This wonderful toddler game idea will help them develop hand-eye coordination as well as build their focus.


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