Teach Kids the Letters of the Alphabet with Free Preschool Games

We’ve all heard about how preschoolers are like sponge – they soak in so much so quickly! As cliché as that sounds, it is, in fact, not far off the mark. Preschoolers love to learn by exploration and hands-on activities. Everything around them is new and there is much to learn and absorb!

As parents, you probably love the incomprehensible but adorable sounds that your little ones make! But, before you know it, they will begin talking. While it starts with small words or sounds that they hear you use, preschoolers will soon start uttering intelligible words.

Needless to say, mastery over the letters of the alphabet is imperative at this stage. Preschool games are a fun and easy way to teach kids to recognize all the letters of the alphabet, write them, and identify their different, unique sounds.

Free Preschool Alphabet Games

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Learning should be an interactive process. Homeschoolers, parents, as well as teachers the world over, are coming up with fun, hands-on ways to teach preschoolers important skills. Here are some ideas for entertaining preschool games that will help your little one learn the letters and have a whale of a time while at it!



  1. Letter Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love preschool games that involve scavenger hunts? As you might have already guessed, ask your little ones to run around the house and find objects that start with each letter of the alphabet. For example, they pick an apple for the letter ‘a’, a ball for the letter ‘b’, etc. This game is a great way for preschoolers to focus on identifying which letters different objects start with and what sounds these letters generally make. Have them collect all the items in one place so you can check once they are done. Your little sleuths are going to love this one! Don’t be surprised if it takes them more than a day to find something for each letter.

  1. Connect and Color

Preschool games are most fun when they involve some activity or the other. Putting pencil to paper and blindly practicing concepts is barely anyone’s idea of fun. However, there is always something magical about coloring. Give your preschooler some coloring pages and watch him sit for hours on end, using his wild imagination to bring to life something on paper.

Where’s the alphabet learning here? Give kids connect-the-letter preschool worksheets and watch them practice the letters as they connect the dots from ‘a’ to ‘z’ in order. Their reward at the end is to color the image that they have just completed! Preschool games that involve connecting the dots have always been popular.

  1. Sort it Out

A good way to help preschoolers master letter recognition is to ask them to sort out words. This preschool game can be played in many ways. Write down simple words on small pieces of paper. Ask your preschooler to pick out all the words that start with ‘A’. Continue with different letters of the alphabet. You could mix it by writing some words in uppercase and some in lowercase.

Another useful variation to this game could be using picture words instead of writing out words. Kids will need to sound out the words to identify which letter it starts with. Preschool games like this one can keep your precious one occupied for hours and will encourage him to use his gray cells to master a new skill!

Teaching methods have graduated from the boring back and white boards to hands-on activities. For everything that your preschooler will learn in the years to come, knowing the letters of the alphabet is a basic prerequisite.  Use these fun preschool games to make their learning process more enjoyable. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they will know their letters!