Math for Kids – Play your Way to Math

Isn’t it surprising that kids who claim to be ‘unable’ to learn math find it so easy to master cool math games online that require advanced strategy, logic and memorization skills? That’s because online (and offline) games involve play and play is one of the most natural and spontaneous ways through which kids learn. Play is a recreational and relaxing activity that allows your child to make sense of and practice everything he has learnt and knows. So how do you get your child to learn a ‘difficult’ subject like math and get him to love it as well? Through play, of course.

Cool Math Activities

Here are some cool math games to help your child play his way to math:

1. Homemade math puzzle for preschoolers

Use three empty glasses to create your very own math puzzle. Fill the first glass with water up to the brim, the second glass halfway and leave the third one empty. Ask your child to identify which glass is full, which is empty and which is only half-full. Your preschooler will immediately grasp the concepts of empty and full but is likely to struggle with the concept of half.

2. Grocery game for preschoolers

This is a painless way to introduce young kids to relatively advanced topics such as fractions, equations and the concept of zero. Give your child a few cups and containers and some figs or dried fruit. Ask your child to fill one cup to the brim, leave one empty and fill the third one with fewer figs than the full cup but more than the empty one. This will help to acquaint your child with some of the concepts and vocabulary associated with these topics.

3. Math toys for kids in elementary school

If your child goes to elementary school, he’s sure to love playing with toys that spark off his mathematical abilities. These include cash registers (real or made of cardboard) along with some play money, weighing scales and math manipulatives. These toys appeal to kids’ imaginations and elicit enthusiasm in a way that more conventional aids to learning math (such as drills and tests) usually do not.

As a parent, you have the power to influence the quality of your child’s play and other recreational activities. Your child can learn to love math if you provide the materials and encouragement he needs to take up new math-related activities and to play cool math games online. So, get started immediately and instill a love for math in your little ones.


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