4 Preschool Games to Celebrate Easter

Easter celebrations can never be complete without your child’s active participation. For younger kids, this means lots of Easter-themed games involving popular symbols like eggs, chocolate and bunnies. So just invite your child’s friends over and entertain them with these active preschool games for Easter. 1.    Find and guess You will need: •    Plastic Easter […]

Free games for kids that offer them a virtual world

Free games for kids are no more restricted to just a few clicks of the mouse and maneuvering the direction arrows on the keyboard – they have gone beyond the beaten realm and now offer kids a virtual world to grow up in! There are many options to choose from – players can play the […]

Top Websites that offer Learning Games for Kids

Not too long ago, pocket calculators were thought to be pretty high tech. Times have changed and today’s kids use their laptops, iPads and smart phones like an extension of their bodies. But your child’s screen time needn’t be spent playing mindless games that only succeed in lowering his grades – the internet is chock […]

Easy Science Project Ideas for Kindergartners – Science Fair Ideas

Science projects are a great way to get kids to develop an undying interest in science and natural happenings around them. Learning a subject hands-on is an experience that kids will cherish when they grow up. Some of the science project ideas illustrated below will help kids set up their independent stalls at the next […]

Toddler Games and Activities to Help Improve Gross Motor Skills

Each corner of a toddler’s life is marked with a milestone that parents wish to celebrate. Infants and toddlers learn new things every day. With the support of parents at home, toddlers can further accelerate their rapid learning process. Listed below are a few toddler games and activities, besides the very effective array of online […]